Iran’s Participation In Fallujah Battle Approved And Necessary, Say Experts

Iran’s Participation In Fallujah Battle Approved And Necessary, Say Experts

Iran's participation in the Iraqi military's battle to retake Fallujah is at the request of the Iraqi government and its assistance is necessary, said experts from the two countries.

The remarks were made in reply to criticism from Saudi Arabia as it believes Iran's involvement in the battle may lead to sectarian clashes.

Iraqi security forces pushed into the besieged city of Fallujah on June 4 and seized part of a district in the south after fierce clashes with Islamic State (ISIS) militants, according to a security source.

Iran's top general Qassem Suleimani is in Iraq to help liberate Fallujah.

"It is Iran's policy that if any Islamic states in this region need our help whether economically, politically, militarily or [security-wise], we will give a hand. General Qassem Suleimani is just doing that work. Saudi Arabia fears the progress made by him and his growing influence in the region, so it is intentionally finding faults," said Hossein Kanani Moghadam, a former Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander.

According to Moghadam, terrorism poses a serious threat not only to Iran but also the entire region. Therefore, it should be put to a stop.

"Extremist organizations threaten all countries in the region by waging civil wars and killing innocents. In addition, they have formed a system and plundered swathes of land. All those constitute a military threat to Iran. So Iran has to wipe them out in the early stage," Moghadam continued.

According to the Iraqi side, the intervention of Iran in the attack against extremist organizations in Iraq is necessary and approved.

"Any foreign army cannot enter Iraq without the country's permission. Iran has not sent any troops to Iraq but only some military consultants who are just like the American military experts. Now, several military bases in Iraq have more than 4,500 military experts and soldiers from the United States. Moreover, Iraq, Iran, Russia and Syria have reached a four-party agreement to fight against terrorism and it only stays at the level of sharing information," said Juma Al-Atwani, an expert on Iran issues.

Atwani also believes that the experienced Iranian consultants are helpful to the fighting at the frontline.