Sacred saying and Spaces of Secrecy

Naji Al Fatlawi

The seer to the honor of Koranic text finds a renewed juicy text does not fret over the ages and times, but it seems that the renewable area has been receded to under the distance reason from the down time and revelation and this decline has taken many forms including:

First, increasing the space of set talks which closely linked to the Koranic text making the identity of the interpretation and understanding of that Koranic text able for multiplicity and fragmentation making the advisory opinion conflict rages even up to the point of incoherence and contradiction.

Second, focusing on certain Koranic texts such as those which urge on jihad in which the ruler wants to find when he sees that his him rule is in danger so he works to surround his rule in holiness and a halo inspires it from some Koranic texts or talks in which we can access and influence on some driven minds, this comes, of course, through cooperation with Jurists of benefit (pragmatists Jurists) who legitimize the ruling of the caliph , or the ruler or the sultan or the king.

So we find through time pages a lot of poses in some of the texts have been done and understood in a way that fits with what the duo alliance(the autocrat ruler and the pragmatic jurist) want, especially those texts of jihad and fighting and terrorism, where it has been was dealing with in an advisory opinion way according to the whim of Imperial Islam.

 This leads to the following opposite truth: concealing texts lead to Islam, which builds life off activating and extending the associated texts space interpretably to preserve the ideologies of Imperial Islam linked to the Sultan and the Governor and this juxtaposition has appurtenances such as, opposition the other and close all dealing outlets with him and keeping only the window of murder, violence and genocide, also concealing the vast areas of the sacred texts that are in harmony with the human building and his thought and his personality through tolerance, forgiveness, compassion and love for your brother what you love for yourself, justice and mercy gates, even this type of texts has become not interest in, but neglects and focus is on the texts of the fighting and jihad and terrorism financed on a non its purposes.

This explains the spread of the term (Islam is a phobia) and understanding it as such by the Islamists are violence, murder and genocide, and this is of course according to the perceptions of extremist fundamentalist groups that have reduced Islam in this sense and through legislative gates they have conquered and understood it according to their destinations off the reticence on the other side of the texts where the adage Bible is abounded in, both (Quran and mores), which calls for respecting the essence of the human being as a human being, regardless of color and race, language and religion and the following Koranic text is one the clearest touchstones (no compulsion in religion), and of course, touchstones are many.